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 As a child growing up in Greenwood, S.C., I would accompany my grandmother sewing, painting, and collecting leaves. This time spent gathering and creating made a deep impression on my creative mind and I continue to be inspired by my family history and the natural landscape around me. I have developed a deep love for the mediums of paint and clay, finding the act of moving the material and bringing a concept into physical existence to be quite cathartic.


I find that ceramics, collage, and paint all hold memories in them. Whether it be the individual brushstrokes on a canvas, impressions in a clay body as it turns on a wheel between palms, or the previous lives of collage material as they are reincarnated into something new.


The core of my work seeks to explore memory, along with the ways it’s visualized and recalled. This process of creation allows me to meditate on the landscape to my memories, comprised of family, history, time, place, and my relationship to them.

Artist Statement

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